Dalmatian – Breed All About It

author: Tsvetelina Dimcheva-Doychinova”

book-coverI do not welcome the appearance of this book, which marks the beginning of the new millennium and the Bulgarian Kennel environments. For the first time in the country appears in the literature as a separate breed, which is Bulgarian author. Cvetelina Dimcheva-Doichinova is familiar to lovers of the breed dalmatian of numerous publications in dog magazines.
Historical overview covers quite an extensive period of 4000 g. pr. n. it is. until today, and traces the origin and history of a breed, suffered as upheaval, and a boom in interest in her. Are not forgotten and organizations, established in various countries around the world and contributed to the development of Dalmatian. The issue with the name and country, of origin of the breed, and versions of the origin, have been omitted.
Specialized literature breed would be impossible without standards and detailed and thorough analysis of its. The goal is a beginner how to read and how it should look stud copy – is achieved by the author in an accessible manner and in plain language for non-specialists.
Bibliographic materials used in head “Evolution of the breed in some countries” (England, some European countries, behind the ocean, Czech Republic, Russia) enrich the book, and any, he read, With a huge faktologichen material, related story, Organization, Clubs, kennels, foundress of lines and surnames and names of people, devoted years of his life in the name of a breed…” (zooinzh. Nargis Georgieva)
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