A Brief History of Dalmatian

Dalmatian - no other breed with an interesting story and discussed. Start somewhere so deep in the past, that researchers can not reach its true origins. But if they were absolutely agree - this ancient breed has gone through centuries without changes.
Despite the presence of Dalamtina in many works of art from antiquity, can not be said with certainty whether the spotted dog comes from Europe, Asia or Africa. Perhaps some of the differences of opinion on the origin due to the fact, that the dog was often remarked in Gypsy camps in different places. Most reputable researchers define as his homeland Dalmatia, historical province in the Balkans. Although centuries Dalmatian has had different names like Englishman, English coach dog, carriage dog, plum pudding, fireman dog, A spotted dog, its present name is named after the area, which was adopted at his home, Dalmatia, Today Croatia, namely Dalmatian. This name is mentioned in a variety of sources in the middle of 18 century.
The Dalmatian is extremely diverse qualities. Was used during the war as Granicharska dog. It is famous for its heroic events fire. And today he is the mascot of American firefighters. Over the years, was used as a hunting dog, but his fearlessness features while hunting wild boar. Thanks to his strong memory has exceptional events in the circus and stage. Because of his intelligence and willingness over the years Dalmatian practice has been used in all areas. Despite his versatile talents, best known as a carriage dog remains.
Some would say, his days as a carriage dog come from ancient Egypt, based on antique engravings. Others have found ample evidence to back centuries Dalmatians almost completely cropped ears for unimpeded passage through the bushes, with metal collars, in order to protect the crew from robbers and wild beasts.
Physics Dalmatian is ideal for long hikes. Speed ​​and endurance merge with it to perfection. Beauty, which moves, his agility, power, vitality and firmness of the character, enable them to make long hikes, without signs of fatigue. His natural instinct to move around the coach and to protect passengers in it, is typical for him, and so for many years been used in this way. Amazing is the way, that Dalmatian and horse are seen, as true friends. He can coach leads, clearing the way with dignity and determination or succeeding, to confer distinctive character of each crew. With remarkable ease, he switched positions on the axes of the carriage, even the most hard to reach places. Love of the Game, which carries in his heart and his skills, earned him the name of the only universally acknowledged carriage dog in the world. His willingness to work is among the most characteristic feature, but nothing can compare with his friendliness.
There is no other more picturesque dog spotted his friend smooth white coat, adorned with clear round spots, whose color can be brown or black. With
its distinctive coloration can not be confused with any other breed. Strong and athletic dog, well muscled, and intrinsic stains are the culmination of a long and careful selection.
Aristocratic behavior does not mislead, he is a true gentleman. Уравновесеният му характер го прави идеалният пазач. Той рядко лае, но когато го прави, винаги има основателна причина. Въпреки че е винаги вежлив и приятелски настроен, не се съмнявайте, bezstarshniyat dalmatian will jump at any risk, to protect you. Extremely reasonable and credible in its role as watchdog. Politely reserved towards strangers, but unconditionally loyal and devoted to their owners. The appearance of the Dalmatian is not influenced by fashion. He was born pure white, развива се бързо и не изисква никакви допълнителни намеси за външния му вид. Изключително издържлив, лесен за поддържане, пригажда се към всякакъв климат. Не изисква особени грижи, as healthy, spick and span.
По материали на Dalmatian Club of America. Translation Tanya Arangelova

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