General Assembly




Non-profit organization "BULGARIAN DALMATIAN CLUB", with headquarters in the city. Plovdiv, st. "Komatevsko shose" № 36, entered in the Register for non-profit of the Plovdiv Regional Court decision under company case № 14632 the inventory of 1997 year., with tax № 2226158718 and Bulstat 121657210, represented by Tanya Georgieva Arangelova UCN 5609175016, address city. Plovdiv, st. "Prague" № 6




Ladies and gentlemen,



The Management Board of the non-profit association "BULGARIAN Dalmatian Club of America" ​​- g. Plovdiv pursuant to Art. 26 of the Non convene a general meeting of 03.12.2016 g. in 12.00 but. gr. Plovdiv, st. Kuklensko road №. 12, a. 6, Board room, the following agenda:



  1. Admission of new members, draft resolution - approved by the Board accepts new members
  2. Activity reports 2015-2016 g, draft decision - approve the report on activities in 2015-2016 g;
  3. Finance Report 2015-2016 g, draft decision - adopt the financial report 2015-2016 g;
  4. Other.



If the quorum, pursuant to Art. 27 of the Non, meeting will be held on 03.12.2016 g. from 13.00 hours at the same place and the same agenda.







Chairman of the Board: ………………………..

/T. Arangelova /

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