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On 21.01.2014 year The linkages between Breda and Amaranth!
They are the proud parents of our second and so long awaited litter in our razvazdnik.

Today 18,02,2014 we had Brandy of ultrasound, happy to announce, it is now officially confirmed her pregnancy!


In this connection it is interesting, that makes three interesting inbreeding dogs, established with wonderful lines and represent some of the breed, affirm its global properties of rings.

Bad & Mad Serbian Sensation in Raul – III/III
Sweet Emotion Pantera Unica – III/III
Spotnik’s Quick Quackery – V, V-V

sire:CH Perdita’s All My Tomorrow
(Peridita’s Right on Time X Perdita’s Did it Again)
dame: CH Divalinor Coffee Cake
(Bad & Mad Serbian Sensation in Raul x Sweet Emotion Pantera Unica)

sire: VWW’13 INT CH Divalinor Count of Gold
(INT CH Bad & Mad Serbian Sensation in Raul x Sweet Emotion Pantera Unica)
dame: CH Only You Darlig Wonderdavil
(Sweet by Mediolanum x Karmen Asticures of Texas)

INT.CH. Dalmagic Ace of Cake (Brandy), Champion 8 countries, will be the mother of "B"-litter in "Dalmagic”. За татко избрахме все още младия Just Coffee Anaranth Like A Magic (Amaranth), that despite, it is still not proven as champion, has excellent ratings from mezhdunarodni Dog Shows. What led us to meet in a parental couple just these two dogs? Brandy and Amaranth have the wonderful heads – very properly formed and proportions. Both are long elegant necks, topline, well angulated front and rear limbs – scars, we want to consolidate in the offspring. In this regard, we aim to achieve in the offspring greater bone density and better expressed forbrust (forechest). We hope to achieve this thanks to the great ancestors of Brandy and Amaranth, that bring in their genealogies. Napravihme deliberately inbreeding VVV are the velikiât Spotnik's Quick Quackery, who is the father of two-time world champion Spotnik Special Selection (Norway). He in turn was the father of INT. CH. Bad Mad Serbian Sensation In Raul (Sweden-Norway) – inbindiran in III-III zone. All three grandparents are very harmonious and make a strong impression with its beauty. In III-IIIe made inbreeding and INT.CH. Sweet Emotion Panthera Unica (Sweden, Slovenia), the mother of World Champion 2013 g. Divalinor Count of Gold – father of Brandy. It is the ancestor of many breed champions in Bulgaria. We look forward to the appearance of our babies First Spring!

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