Bulgarian Dalmatian Club

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General Assembly

On the basis of Article. 26 of Law for Non-profit, on 30.11.2013 g. from 12 at the seat. Plovdiv, st. "Kuklensko shose" 12, a. 6, divan, took place the General Assembly under the agenda:

1. Admission of new members, Draft Decision - intake approved by the Board candidates for new members;

2. Activity reports 2012 g, draft resolution - adoption of the statement of operations in 2013 g;

3. Finance Report 2012 g, draft resolution - adoption of the financial statements for 2012 g;

4. Other.


The meeting was attended by the following persons - members of the "Bulgarian Dalmatian Club":

1. Tanya Arangelova;

2. Milena Atanasova;

3. Tanya Krachmarov;

4. Cvetelina Dimcheva;

5. Dr. Catherine Simeonova.


Guest of the meeting - Jordan Lazov

After voting, for leading the congregation was chosen Tanya Arangelova, and a reporter - Cvetelina Dimcheva.

According to t. 1 Agenda:

After voting, were unanimously adopted candidates,applied for new members:

Valeria Yordanova Valeva, g. Mole;

Gal Stoyanov Grygorova, g. Plovdiv;

Dr Velislav Uzunov, g. Silistra

According to t. 2 Agenda:

Report on the overall activity of Bulgarian Dalmatian Club (BDK) for 2013 g. Tanya made Arangelova - President of the Association. The report can be read HERE:Year_s_report-2


1. World champion - dalmatian in Bulgaria!!!Кучето Divalinor Count of Gold (Goldie), kafyavotochkuvan, on 8 year, owned Penyo Zapryanov of g. Parvomai. Goldie is manufactured in Bulgaria, bred and born in the Bulgarian kennel "Divalinor", g. Varna. Awarded for World Champion 2013 g. in class "Masters" at the World Exhibition of dogs of all breeds, held in Budapest, Hungary in May 2013 g, Judge Ludmilla Fintorova (SK)

2. In 2013 g. Goldi is izlʺčen for the second time in the Club Champion Club fans of Dalmatian dogs (g. Nis, Serbia, m. May, SDI Sanja Vreteničić (MNE) and Bulgarian Dalmatian Club (g. Plovdiv, 15.06.2013 g, Judge Yolanda Nagler, Israel).

3. For 2013 g. two female Dalmatian club have met the requirements of the FCI International Champion for: Evros Divalinor Pearl (Pearl), kafyavotochkuvana, on 3 year., eigenvalues. Tanya Arangelova, g. Пловдив и Divalinor Have A Spell (Honda), the black, on 3 year., eigenvalues. Cvetelina Dimcheva, g. Sofia. Pearl and Honda were nominated last year and champions respectively, Macedonia and Serbia.

4. From 2013 g. Penyo Zapryanov create and manage a blog Bulgarian Dalmatian Club.

5. In 2013 g. Vladimir Lafazanski (Balchik), resume on the site of Bulgarian Dalmatian Club.

On 15.06 2013 g, Bulgarian Dalmatian Club, together with the club "Pharaoh dog", organize specialized exhibition for both breeds in the city park in the center of town. Plovdiv, attended by a total of about 30 dogs, which were evaluated by Yolanda Nagler Israel, International Dog Show Judge. It was secured rich prize fund, thanks to the organizers of the exhibition and sponsor companies at the exhibition: БЛУ СКАЙ КОМЕРС ЕООД, Представител на EUKANUBA за България, Karagyozov Ltd.

Veterinary clinic and everything for your pet,


AHEC-96 Ltd.

Media Partner: HOBBY TV


6. Voted and elected by a majority of the members for the judge of the special exhibition 14 June 2014 g, gr. Plovdiv - Mr. Stefan Shinko Slovenia.

7. Mr. Shinko confirmed judging in Bulgaria declared date.

8. It is accepted that proposal Cvetelina Dimcheva specialized exhibitions of the club to hold a competition for young drivers dogs for children from the audience, for which it provides material prize - book "Dalmatian - Breed All About It".

9. In 2013 g. lost 2 dogs, owned by members of the club - INT. CH. Bad Mad Serbian Sensaton in Raul (Enzo) on 13 g, Property. Elena and Angel and NEICHEVA of Kerala 15 g, Property. Koshu Belic from Sofia. Will remain forever in our hearts ...

Report on Breeding of Bulgarian Dalmatian Club in 2013 g. make Cvetelina Dimcheva, responsible for the breeding of BDK. The report can be read HERE:Breeding_2013

According to t. 3 Agenda:

Dr. Catherine Simeonova, Secretary of the club made a statement of financial 2012 g. With an absolute majority of those present was adopted for the financial statements 2012 g, which can be found HERE.

According to t. 4 Agenda:

Discussed ideas on optimizing the club and attract sponsors and financial resources to achieve the objectives of the association, enshrined in the Charter.

The main objective is the development and dissemination of the breed in Bulgaria and promotion of Dalmatians,produced in Bulgarian Dalmatian Club Dog mezhdunaridnite forums. In this regard,, attending the meeting gave the following suggestions:

1. SO site optimization. Responsible Arangelova Tanya and Vladimir Lafazanski and Kosyu Belichev;

2. To create a forum for veterinary advice online - thematic issues with practical. Maintainers - veterinarians Club Dr. Catherine Simeonova (Plovdiv) and Dr Velislav Uzunov (Silistra);

3. Counter site becomes visible;

4. Be published online the names of club members (with paid subscription), each year update - charge Simeonova Ekaterina and Vladimir Lafazanski;

5. To provide banners for sponsors on the front page;

6. To publish articles on the website of the book "Dalmatian - Breed All About It", and translated articles. The articles to be published in part by a link to visit the site, to open the full article. Maintainers - Cvetelina Dimcheva, Elena and Vladimir Neicheva Lafazanski;

7. To require a report from the judge and then specialty be published on the site - Officer Tanya Aangelova;

8. To update the Board on the website of BDK and the site of BRFC - responsible Cvetelina Dimcheva Vladimir Lafazanski;

9. Facebook-profile club - to make a link-game "like-win" every month to give a trophy (book "Dalmatian - all breed" or suvenircheta with club logo);

10. Additional funds: small accessories-Shirt (money box); Dinner with a minimum contribution amount at meetings of club members - responsible Tanya Arangelova and Milena Atanasova;

11. To prepare model contracts for change of ownership at the club giving dogs to new owners - responsible Milena Atanasova;

12. To prepare and send a letter of access to public information to the municipality "Plovdiv" and Sofia Municipality in connection with the collection of a fee "breeding dogs" for dogs, not covered by the Kennel structures. Maintainers - Milena Atanasova, Cvetelina Dimcheva and Tanya Arangelova;

13. To make statistics on how many club members grow first dalmatian and how grown for the second time in a row dalmatian - responsible Cvetelina Dimcheva;

14. After discussion and adaptation was adopted code of ethics for friends and owners of Dalmatian dogs, borrowed from the British Dalmatian Club.


Read HERE:Code_of_Ethics

download protocol:protokol_ot_OS_na_BDC-1

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