Стандарт По FCI FCI Nо 153/14.04.1999

СТАНДАРТ ПО FCI FCI Nо 153/14.04.1999
Origin: Dalmatia, Croatia Patronage: FCI date of publication of this Standard: 14.04.1999 g.
Destination: Companion dog, family dog, Easy to train as working dogs and rescue.
CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 6 – Goncheta close and gave rise to Section 3 – Related breeds Without working trial

Dalmatian is a well-balanced, distinctively spotted, strongly, muscular and active dog. .Harmonic lines, devoid of harshness and clumsiness. According to a former "coach dog" is very durable, able to move quickly. IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS
Length of body : height at withers = approximately 10:9 Length of the skull : length of muzzle = 1:1 BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT is sociable and friendly. Not shy or hesitant, not neurotic, not aggressive. CHAPTER – enough extended CRANIAL Skull: flat, wide enough between the ears, well defined temples. Furrow is negligible. No skin folds on forehead. Stop: moderately expressed.
Nose: In the black spotted variety always black, and for always brown. Snout: Extended, volume, NEVER nice and sharp. The upper part is straight and parallel to the line of the forehead.
Lips: Clean, fitting the jaw rather closely. Do not hang. Complete pigmentation is desired.
Jaws / Teeth: Jaws strong with perfect and regular scissor bite. Desirable is a complete set of 42 teeth (in accordance with the teeth formula).The teeth are white and evenly.
Eyes: Moderately well apart, medium size, round, clear, sparkling with intelligent expression and.
Color: dark brown in black spotted, light brown to amber in liver spotted dogs. Lids are neprkasnat black in the black spotted and
full brown stripe in liver dogs. Eyelid close to the eyeball.
Rather high, medium size, sufficient width at its base, gradually narrows and ends with rounded corners. Interior (medialnite) edges of the ear shells fit snugly to the head. Their thin cartilage. Pigmentation is well expressed, preferably spotted.

Long enough, with a beautiful twist, tapering to the head, without loose skin.

Body Back: Well defined. Loin: Clean, smooth, zamuskulena and lightly rounded. Groats: With a very slight slope. Chest: Not too broad, but deep and capacious. Bottom up to the elbows. Forechest well visible in profile. Ribs are proportionate, long, slightly rounded, never flat, barrel-shaped or malformed. Flank: Close. Underline: Belly tucked up. TAIL Reaching approximately to the hock. Strong at base, gradually tapering to the top. Not rough. Inserted neither too high, nor too low. When the dog is at rest carried let down with a slight upward curve at the bottom 1/3. When moving carried higher slightly above the topline, but never curled or vertical. Pigmentation is desirable.

Headlights: Perfectly straight, with strong round bone length. shoulder blades: With moderate slope, clean and muscled. Elbow: Close to body. Never twisted or out. Wrists: Straight, with a slight slope.
Hindquarters: rounded, muscular, clean. Seen behind are vertical and parallel. Drumsticks: strong, healthy. Becoming Skakatelni: Strengths, well bent. Metakarpusi: With a good connection. Clutches: Round, compact, well-arched toes ("Catlike"). Pads round, tough and elastic. Nails black or white in black spotted or brown and white in liver.
The movements are very free: smooth, strong, rhythmical,
active, long stride and good drive from hindquarters;. Viewed from the rear legs moving parallel – rear follow parallel front. A short stride and paddling action are incorrect. COAT Short, firm, thick, sleek and glossy. Color: Basic color pure white. Black spotted variety with black spots, and brown spotted – brown. Points should be round, well defined, not merge and possibly be more evenly distributed. Their size is 2 -3 cm. across. Spots on the head and extremities smaller than those on the body. SIZE AND WEIGHT The most important thing is the overall balance and proportionality. The height at the withers for males 56 – 61 cm. The height at the withers for females 54 – 59 cm. Bodyweight: male approximately 27 – 32 kg. In females approximately 24 – 29 kg.

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