12 до 14 Декември 2014 – ТРИ международни киноложки изложби – с ранг CACIB.

Може би най- добрите резултати на международна изложба на български далматини до сега:)))
Divalinor Joy to the World (Perdita’s Right on Time x Divalinor Desert Rose) – CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG and finally BEST IN SHOW!

Divalinor July Morning, her brother, he got CAC and CACIB!

Judge was Mr Georgi Hristozov for the breed and group competition and Mrs Galina Todorova for the best in show competition.


13.12.2014 – Cacib show in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Divalinor Joy to the World (Perdita’s Right on Time x Divalinor Desert Rose) – Best Junior, BOB, BIG, JBIS 3, and again BEST IN SHOW!!!

Divalinor July Morning (junior class) – JCAC (Junior champion of Bulgaria)
Divalinor Just Do It (intermediate class) – CAC, CACIB

Breed and group judge was Mr Viktor Lobakin (Azerbajan)
Bis junior – Mr Georgi Hristozov (Bulgaria)
Best in show – Mr Zvi Kupfenberg (Izrael)


14.12.2014 – Cacib show in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Junior class, males:
Divalinor Just Do It – Ex. 1, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BOG, BIS Junior, BIS III

Puppy class, males:
Dalmagic Beasty Boy – VP 1

Puppy class, females:
Mediolanum Lucy by Luc Besson – VP 1, Best Puppy of Breed


Open class, males:
Just Coffee Amaranth Like a Magic – Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB

Breed judge: Stefan Popov (Bulgaria)

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Speciality Dalmatian Show, Zagreb 2014

***Speciality Dalmatian Show, Zagreb 2014***

judge Mr. Davor Javor (Canada )
Dalmagic Ace of Cake
her two daughters
Dalmagic Back in Black – Very promissing, 2 place
Dalmagic Baileys Coffee- Very Promissing, 4 place

***CACIB Zagreb 22.11.2014***
 judge Mr. Goran Dejanović (CRO)
Dalmagic Ace of Cake
champion class- R.CAC AND R.CACIB

***CACIB Zagreb 23.11.2014***
judge Viera Staviarska (Slo)
Dalmagic Ace of Cake
champion class
with these tree results
Dalmagic Ace of Cake is Coratian Club Winner 2014, Croatian Champion and Zagreb WInner 2014

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CACIB Sofia 15.11.2014

CACIB Sofia 15.11.2014
judge in breed and group was honorable Mr. Stefan Sinko, Slovenia
– Brandy INT CH Dalmagic Ace of Cake  –  CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG1, champion class
– Dalmagic Back in Black – Very Promissing 1 Place, Best Puppy in Breed and 3 place Best Puppy in Show
– Just Coffee Amaranth Like a Magic  –  Ex1, CAC and CACIB in Open Class!
– Divalinor Just Do It –  Ex1, JCAC and Best Junior in Breed

3 place Adriana Branicheva & Dalmagic Back in Black

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EDS’14 in Brno & Special dalmatian show in Blansko, CZ

Ето представянето на нашите кучета от Български далматин клуб, на Европейското дог шоу 2014г. в Бърно Чехия и на Специализираната изложба на Чешкия далматин клуб. Да благодарим на всички наши членове взели участие в този голям форум, да благодарим за техните усилия да представят страната ни и клуба на тези две най-големи изложби в Европа тази година  (с участието на над 80 кучета от нашата порода)

Пълните резултати може да намерите тук!


Bulgarian Dalmatian Club National Specialty

The 2015 Bulgarian Dalmatian Club National Specialty will be held on May 30th in Parvomay, Bulgaria. It will take place during the cultural festivals of the city in May, in co-operation with the municipality.
Judge – Mr Rune Johansen, Sweden, kennel Jillocs&Timanka
Entry Form Download: http://plovdivshow.wordpress.com


We would love to see lots of beautiful Dalmatians and their owners at the specialty!  We also offer handling classes after the show, children under the age of 12 are welcome too. That will be great for those just starting in the exciting world of showing.
We hope to have everyone get together after the show in a special for that case place where we would like to have an informal conversation about the breed and the tendency towards developing it with the judge. Every breeder is very welcome to share their opinion!
As a bonus, the first five enrolled participants will be accommodated for free!
Everybody will have a lot of fun!