Ch Just Coffee Amaranth Like a Magic

Great news for my boy Amaranth – Ch Just Coffee Amaranth Like a Magic!
12.12.2015 on the International Dog Show in Sofia, Bulgaria he got Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG under judge Dragan Janic /SRB/. With this he fulfill all the requirements for the title International Champion. Congratulations for his breeder and co-owner Ekaterina Simeonova!
Amaranth’s daughter Beki – JCh Dalmagic Back in Black got Excellent, CAC and CACIB in intermedia class! Congratulations to her breeders Aleksandra Staykova Ivanova, Tsvetelina Dimcheva and co-owner ATEssel Petrova!



Divalinor Coffee Cake

Colour: White/Liver
Reg. № PK 04704/05
Subdivision / Born: 17.05.2005
Баща / Sire: Int Ch Bg Bg ​​Mk JCH SCG Bad Ro & Mad Serbian Sensation in Raul
Mother / Ladies: Ch. Sweet Emotion Panthera Unica
Manufacturer / Breeder: Dimitar Stanchev, kennel Divalinor, BG
The Owner / Owner: Ekaterina Simeon / Ekaterina Simeonova
Адрес/Address: Bulgaria, Plovdiv
Tел./Phone: +359 899 818 379



Bad & Mad Serbian Sensation in Raul

Colour: White/Black
Reg. № PK 02482/03
Subdivision / Born: 28.09.2002
Баща / Sire: WW’02 EW’03 BOB Cruft’s’02 ECDCW’03 Int Multi Ch Spotnik’s Special Selection
Mother / Ladies: Ch T-Cart Made by Love
Manufacturer / Breeder: K. & N. Malovic, kennels BAD & MAD and RAUL, CZ
The Owner / Owner: Elena Neycheva, kennel Spotmaniac, BG
Адрес/Address: Bulgaria, 1404 Sofia jk. Gotse Delchev, bl. 3б / Bulgaria 1404 Sofia, jk. Gotse Delchev, bl.3b
Tел./Phone: +359 898 714 296


Perdita’s All My Tomorrows

Colour: White/Black

Reg. № PK 10705/08

Subdivision / Born: 13.06.2008

Баща / Sire:Perdita’s Right On Time

Mother / Ladies: N UCH Perdita's Did It Again

Manufacturer / Breeder: Kari Ditlefsen, kennel Perdita, Norway

The Owner / Owner: Dimitar Chavdarov / Dimitar Chavdarov

Адрес/Address: Bulgaria, 4000 Plovdiv, st. Славянска 44/Bulgaria, 4000 Plovdiv, 44, Slavianska Str.

Tел./Phone: +359 888 608 425

Divalinor I Am A Hero

Colour: White/Liver

Reg. № PK 16734/11

Subdivision / Born:25.04.2011

Баща / Sire:Divalinor Here I Go Again

Mother / Ladies: Sweet Emotion Panthera Unica

Manufacturer / Breeder: Dimitar Stanchev, kennel Divalinor, Bulgaria

The Owner / Owner: Vladimir Lafazanski

Адрес/Address: g. Balchik, jk. Балик, bl. 31, ent. A, a. 4, ap. 11

Tел./Phone: +359897945061


Divalinor Firestarter

Colour: White/Liver

Reg. № PK 12216/09

Subdivision / Born:27.02.2009

Баща / Sire:Caprilli’s Glenmorangie

Mother / Ladies: Sweet Emotion Panthera Unica

Manufacturer / Breeder: Димитър Станчев / Dimitar Stanchev, kennel Divalinor, Bulgaria

The Owner / Owner: Tanya Toshkova & Alexandra Ivanova

Адрес/Address: Bulgaria, Sofia

Tел./Phone: +359 888 353 497


Caprilli’s Glenmorangie

Colour: White/Black

Reg. № PK 08140/07

Subdivision / Born:14.04.2007

Баща / SireInt., Multi Ch. Rocca Al Mare congregate

Майка / DameJilloc's Fancy Me At Millview

Manufacturer / Breeder: Stephanie Yates, kennel Caprilli, UK

The Owner / Owner: Таня Арангелова / Ask Arangelova

Адрес/Address:Bulgaria, 4004 Plovdiv, st. Komatevsko Shosse 36/Bulgaria, 4004 Plovdiv, 36, Komatevsko shoes Str.

Tел./Phone: +359 887 931 356

e-mail: tanya.arangelova @

Sweet Emotion Panthera Unica

Colour: White/Liver

Reg. № PK03365/04

Subdivision / Born: 30.04.2003

Баща / Sire: Int. Multi Ch. T-Cart Man of Gold

Mother / Ladies: Tho FortunadiGarbi

Manufacturer / Breeder: GregorNemanic

The Owner / Owner: DimitarStanchev


Tел./Phone: +359 889 816 467


INT CH Divalinor Have A Spell

Colour: White/Black

Reg. № PK 14232/10

Subdivision / Born:05.02.2010

Баща / Sire:Perdita’s All My Tomorrows

Mother / Ladies: Timanka's Rainbow Diva

Manufacturer / Breeder: Димитър Станчев / Dimitar Stanchev, kennel Divalinor, Bulgaria

The Owner / Owner: Tsvetelina Doychinova, Bulgaria

Адрес/Address:Sofia, st. Криволак 10

Tел./Phone: +359 887 551505356


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