Бебетата Далмаджик вече навършиха 1 месец!

Бебетата Далмаджик вече навършиха 1 месец, скоро им предстои тест за слуха и след 2-ят месец ще може да отидат при новите си стопани, все още имаме свободни момченца. Вашето бебе Даламджик ви очаква!
contact@dalmagic.net or 0877255717
father: МУЛТИ/ИНТЕРШАМПИОН – Farfalla Tsvetok Lotosa (Лотос)
майка. МУЛТИ/ИНТЕРШАМПИОН – Dalmagic Ace of Cake (Brandy)
Успехите на нашите кучета са наша реклама – www.dalmagic.net
Отново много силно кучило – потомци на изтъкнати скандинавски шампиони и доказали се производители!
Инбридинг IV-IV пояс по великия SPOTNIK´S SPECIAL SELECTION (Селвин) – шампион на Германия, Дания, Belgium, Люксембург, Norway, Финландия, Словения, Победител на Cruft’s 2002, 2003 g, Световен шампион 2002 g;, Европейски шампион 2003 g, шампион на Европейския далматин-клуб 2002 g. МУЛТИ/ИНТЕРШАМПИОН.
Развъдникът е регистриран към БФРК и FCI и спазва всички изисквания за развъждане, родители имат направени здравни тестове за слух, бруцелоза, цвят лимон, тазобедрена и лакетна дисплазия.
Dalmagic Double Troublemaker 1 month head13220011_10201502773928310_82563010_n 13262492_10201502773848308_1909593609_o 13271968_10201502774008312_970834434_o 13282750_10201502773968311_1849535589_osaitDalmagic Daenerys Stormborn Khaleesi 1 months headsaitDalmagic Daenerys Stormborn Khaleesi 1 months left side (1)saitDalmagic Daenerys Stormborn Khaleesi 1 months left sidesaitDalmagic Daenerys Stormborn Khaleesi 1 months right sidesaitDalmagic Daiquiri 1 month headsaitDalmagic Daiquiri 1 month left sidesaitDalmagic Daiquiri 1 month right sidesaitDalmagic Daydreamer 1 month headsaitDalmagic Daydreamer 1 month left sidesaitDalmagic Daydreamer 1 month right sidesaitDalmagic Deep Blue 1 month headsaitDalmagic Deep Blue 1 month left sidesaitDalmagic Deep Blue 1 month rich side (1)saitDalmagic Deep Blue 1 month rich sidesaitDalmagic Dominic Toretto 1 month head (1)saitDalmagic Dominic Toretto 1 month headsaitDalmagic Dominic Toretto 1 month right sidesaitDalmagic Dominic Toretto 1 month right side1saitDalmagic Don't Stop Me Now 1 month headsaitDalmagic Don't Stop Me Now 1 month left side2saitDalmagic Don't Stop Me Now 1 month right sidesaitDalmagic Dotty Spotty 1 month head (1)saitDalmagic Dotty Spotty 1 month headsaitDalmagic Dotty Spotty 1 month left side (1)saitDalmagic Dotty Spotty 1 month left sidesaitDalmagic Dotty Spotty 1 month right sidesajtDalmagic Double Troublemaker 1 month head

Dalmagic “D” litter

They are born. Dalmagic litter D is here.
Brandy give a birth nice,strong and wonderful babies(2 girl and 6 boys) but one boy go to the sky. Thanks to all of you for atentions and care. Love you friends.
Thanks to my best vet Ekaterina Simeonova and Mladen Yordanov. To Veselin,because he makes my crazy dreams come true. TO Lina for all. And last but not least to Nenad for give me the chance to make Lotos father of our babies. THANK YOU. Mum and babies are in good hands and feel great.
Sire: Farfalla Tsvetok Lotosa
Dam: Dalmagic Ace of Cake



Speciality Dalmatian Show, Zagreb 2014

***Speciality Dalmatian Show, Zagreb 2014***

judge Mr. Prior Javor (Canada )
Dalmagic Ace of Cake
her two daughters
Dalmagic Back in Black – Very promissing, 2 place
Dalmagic Baileys Coffee- Very Promissing, 4 place

***CACIB Zagreb 22.11.2014***
judge Mr. Goran Dejanović (CRO)
Dalmagic Ace of Cake
champion class- R.CAC AND R.CACIB

***CACIB Zagreb 23.11.2014***
judge Viera Staviarska (Slo)
Dalmagic Ace of Cake
champion class
with these tree results
Dalmagic Ace of Cake is Coratian Club Winner 2014, Croatian Champion and Zagreb WInner 2014

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DALMAGIC not kučkarnik. DALMAGIC e celektsionen center of Dalmatian dogs.


This is a long intellectual work of enthusiasts, follow the basic law of the selection “Well better, gives even better”.

DALMAGIC is registered in the International Dog Federation (FCI) gr. Tyuin - Belgium na03.06.2008 d. under number 49/08. Received permission certificate to breed Dalmatians under imetoDALMAGIC, in strict compliance with international requirements for the breed.

Our mission is to breed beautiful, health and social dogs, which:

1. You have pedigree;

2. Meet the standard;

3. They have excellent grades and titles of Dog Shows;

4. You will audiogram – Study exclusion of deafness;

5. Have research and opinion to exclude hip dysplasia;

6. Available are carriers of ARD-syndrome.

Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of the breed. We want to break the myth, chedalmatinat is willful and unmanageable dog and prove, that this is a very inteligentnosazdanie. We do not want people to like dalmatian only because of its spectacular appearance.

Our task is to present the exceptional qualities of the Dalmatian as a perfect blend otfizicheski and mental characteristics, because of worth have it.

Data for contact

E-mail: contact@dalmagic.net

Phone: +359 885 994032

Mobile: +359 877 255717