DALMAGIC not kučkarnik. DALMAGIC e celektsionen center of Dalmatian dogs.


This is a long intellectual work of enthusiasts, follow the basic law of the selection “Well better, gives even better”.

DALMAGIC is registered in the International Dog Federation (FCI) gr. Tyuin - Belgium na03.06.2008 d. under number 49/08. Received permission certificate to breed Dalmatians under imetoDALMAGIC, in strict compliance with international requirements for the breed.

Our mission is to breed beautiful, health and social dogs, which:

1. You have pedigree;

2. Meet the standard;

3. They have excellent grades and titles of Dog Shows;

4. You will audiogram – Study exclusion of deafness;

5. Have research and opinion to exclude hip dysplasia;

6. Available are carriers of ARD-syndrome.

Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of the breed. We want to break the myth, chedalmatinat is willful and unmanageable dog and prove, that this is a very inteligentnosazdanie. We do not want people to like dalmatian only because of its spectacular appearance.

Our task is to present the exceptional qualities of the Dalmatian as a perfect blend otfizicheski and mental characteristics, because of worth have it.

Data for contact

E-mail: contact@dalmagic.net

Phone: +359 885 994032

Mobile: +359 877 255717


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